Feb 22, 2015

Veiled Rebecca of Salar Jung Museum

January 10, 2015. My first ever visit to Salar Jung Museum; I realized its not a museum to cover in one day; at least two visits is required to see the artefacts properly. Anyway, the museum has three star attractions- the Musical Clock, the Double Statue and the Veiled Rebecca.

The statue is Giovanni Benzoni's creation. It is believed that Giovanni had made four copies of which one is among the collections of Salar Jung museum.

Rebecca is Isaac's bride (in the Hebrew Bible); she is covered in a transparent veil during their wedding.


Feb 4, 2015

Charminar at Shilparamam

A beautiful mural of Charminar and the King Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah at Shilparamam's Night Bazar.