Oct 24, 2015

Kokapet rock formation

October 2, 2015

Kokapet hill is a good place for morning or evening walks. I'd been there few times and every time we drove up the road, the rock formation caught my attention. The rock is a natural shelter.. probably generations of goatherds must have spent under that rock, watching over their goats and sheep graze peacefully... Today I was determined to reach it, wanted to see the rock shelter close. From the road, it was a 5 mins climb. It looks like a eagle's beak, isn't it?

Like any other rock formation, this was one big mass of a rock originally. Over several millennia, the cycle of heating and cooling created cracks. The big mass broke down into smaller chunks. And all the while wind and rain water widened the cracks and eroded the surface into graceful curves.

 Look under the beak.. its hollow, like an open mouth. Amazing!

Yawning rock :)

It was dusk, light was fading fast. I walked up the hill, took the paths through the granite quarry towards the road.


Oct 9, 2015


October 2, 2015
We planned to lunch out for a change. We had to choose between Nizam Club or Madras Cafe. Well, we chose the closer venue, 5 minute drive from our home. It's a recently opened restaurant in Madhapur on Hitech City main road.

The restaurant has a retro look, bright colored pictures evoke memories of bygone years. Pictures of a Premier Padmini, Mehmood and Sivaji Ganesan are attention seekers. Menu includes recipes from items from all five South Indian states. Bisibelebath Vangibath and Kosambari are from Karnataka. Ladies ordered a Rasam, Malabar Parotta, potato dish, channa curry, Appam and Coconut stew and Kosambri. Kosambri is a spicy salad consisting of soaked lentils and grated coconut, usually prepared for feasts ~ Habbada Otta in Kannada. Our first item arrived, the Rasam,. ladies tasting the piping hot spicy rasam.

 ..while we spooned rasam, three vibrant chutneys arrived.. beetroot, tamarind and ginger. We relished the Malabar Parotta and curries. The Kosambri was well presented and it tasted just like home-made. It had the perfect balance of chilly, salt and lemon. Waiters brought the coconut milk stew.. the steamy white liquid had a pleasant look. One spoon on my tongue.. aah! Never had tasted anything like it before. Finally the much awaited Appams arrived. I spread the stew over the Appams, with every passing bite the combination tasted better. I had no thoughts of desert but our host suggested to try coconut-jaggery icecream. Yes but s small portion, just for tasting..

Here it is.. the yummy sweet, a wonderful way to end a great lunch! Talking about service, it was little slow but the wait was worth. I believe the service will be quicker in the months to come..

Here's the Goli Soda Bandi ~ Soda cart. Appam are prepared on this cart. This place's ambience is unique, its retro from ceiling to floor. Check out the Athangudi floor tiles.. lovely pattern isn't it? A Indian Posts post box.. forget technology for some time, think of writing a letter to your loved ones..

Personally I prefer home food and avoid eating out but this is one restaurant I might want to eat for a special occasion.

For take away you can place your order at 040-69997222.

Oct 1, 2015

Bumblebee in action

Sept 26, 2015

This little creature had just started boring a hole through this bamboo. It had selected the spot and started its work, just besides it you can see the exposed innards. The bumblebee took a break, flew around for a minute for a minute..

 ..and settled back on the site. Its plan is to bore a through hole and use the bamboo hollow as its home.

Here you can see tiny pieces of  bamboo shreds in the air.

Looks at its blue-green-gold wings and its helmet like head. Amazing little creature!

Bamboo shreds can be seen on its hairy legs. Notice its tiny claws?

These pictures were shot in Moto G2.