Oct 24, 2015

Kokapet rock formation

October 2, 2015

Kokapet hill is a good place for morning or evening walks. I'd been there few times and every time we drove up the road, the rock formation caught my attention. The rock is a natural shelter.. probably generations of goatherds must have spent under that rock, watching over their goats and sheep graze peacefully... Today I was determined to reach it, wanted to see the rock shelter close. From the road, it was a 5 mins climb. It looks like a eagle's beak, isn't it?

Like any other rock formation, this was one big mass of a rock originally. Over several millennia, the cycle of heating and cooling created cracks. The big mass broke down into smaller chunks. And all the while wind and rain water widened the cracks and eroded the surface into graceful curves.

 Look under the beak.. its hollow, like an open mouth. Amazing!

Yawning rock :)

It was dusk, light was fading fast. I walked up the hill, took the paths through the granite quarry towards the road.


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