May 28, 2017

Team outing - Dream Valley Resort

May 19, 2017

This would be my first ever corporate team outing and probably the first ever to a resort too. It was company organised event, including transportation,food and activities.. The plan was to assemble at our office at 7-30 AM; Siddie dropped me to office on time. By the time few other colleagues had also come, we all had breakfast before boarding the buses. We left office around 9 AM; It was a 60 minutes drive to Dream Valley Resort near Moinabad town/Bakaram village which are situated between Himayat Sagar and Osman Sagar.

That's our group.. 12 members in all.

Close to the entrance I found garden lizard, it waited patiently until I took it's picture. Liked it's spiky head.
The resort staff welcomed us with soft drinks. There were no activity itinerary as such, we were given total freedom and left to ourselves. Most of us were eager to get into the water. However cotton garments not allowed for water games . So we all visited the resort store to buy nylon garments. Besides the store there was a tiled roof shelter for visitors, we spent a while there and took few snaps.

While we were shopping our colleagues from my block and another block had started tug of war, our block had lost the first round. I rounded up few more people from our block to join the war. With increased numbers we won the second and third rounds.... Hooray!!!

Next we all headed to the swimming pool. I didn't enter the pool. I was busy in taking pictures.

Four members of our group falling backwards into the pool.They were trying other kind of stunts and posing for pictures. In all I must have shot 300 pictures water games.

This is one of the poses where the credit goes to the guys carrying the burden! :)

Then we rushed to the water games, the first one was Columbus. This game involved riding a dinghy on a pair of opposite slopes. This ride was quite scary.... one of my colleague was not willing to try it. Finally we convinced him, he enjoined it and went for four rides. After the tug of war this was my next game I rode this two times and enjoyed it.

Next was water slide, this was also a scary ride which most of my colleagues tried. They used to tell me to take pictures of them while sliding.

I met this little one, who believed in doing her own work. :) its cute the way she's bit her lip.

This is a third game which involved riding through a tunnel. This colleague asked me to take a shot as soon as she reach the end of the tunnel. The tunnel entry and exit points were quite far away from each other. So I asked her how would I know when she reach the end of the tunnel. Her reply was that I would know when she came..... So I was waiting with my camera aimed at the tunnel exit over the pool... A scream indicated her arrival.. just like a train coming out of a tunnel. I managed to capture her splashing into the pool... Check out her fingers trying to tell "I Rock."

By 2 PM we went for lunch. Lunch was alright, nothing great... Post lunch we rested for some time, and again back to water games.

Our group posing under the umbrella fountain.Check out three guys from the right are sitting on one persons leg. So again the person carrying the burden needs to be cheered....!! Some guys always want to be burden to others ;)

The next item was rain dance. The DJ was playing songs.. The guy in a white t-shirt was the good dancer, others mimicked his steps. In general it was nice to see people dancing in their styles.

By 4 PM there was a dance session in the hall. The DJ played Telagu numbers to which our group danced. By 5 o' clock it was time for snacks and tea. As usual towards the end of the outing we had group photo sessions.

Final picture with all leads. :)

A collage of few good poses.

We left the resort by 6 PM, reached office by 7 PM from there we dispersed. I was exhausted!

Overall, the outing was awesome! Compliments to the team who organised it and all the colleagues who participated.