Dec 8, 2017

hanging Jeep and spiral staircase

US Military Jeep hanging from the ceiling at a pub.

hanging lamps, lit up steps and bar counter..


Nov 18, 2017

dragonfly sans life

One morning, we found this dragonfly inside the house. I picked it up and placed it on a plant in our balcony. Three days later, I found it dead.

wings up

legs up

Oct 13, 2017

pottery bazar at Shilparamam

Shilparamam's pottery market's items...

Ganpati in pataga

Radha Krishna

Camel and Giraffe


Boar and Pitcher

Stool and Tortoise

Giraffe, Brindavan and Pitcher

Piggy Bank

Stacks of Tea Cups

Laughing Buddha and incense dispenser

more Tea Cups.. floral motif

some more Tea Cups.. striped pattern

smiling face

Pickle Jars

Drishti Gombe

Conical Tea Cups


Sep 2, 2017

dragon-fly variant?

This lovely insect was seen at Shilparamam on Sept-2. It was resting on a blade of grass. It was difficult to shoot without disturbing it. It took several seconds before I could get my mobile from the bag. I took 7 blind shots - 2 were blurred and 5 were fine. The close movement disturbed the insect and it took off. Though it looks like a dragonfly, its flying style was like a butterfly. It fluttered around the spot several minutes and settled down. Now the position was better for a shoot. As I moved the camera closer, it took off again. I did not want to bother it any more..