Dec 28, 2014

man-made sculptures of Prakriti Raga, Shilparamam

These sculptures are part of sculpture collection of Living Rock Gallery of Shilparamam. While most sculptures are natural, few man-made items have been added to the gallery.

Man gasping for air and a cut down tree trunk. It can mean two things; 1. without leaves the tree itself is gasping for air and 2. animal life will struggle for fresh air when trees are destroyed.

This depicts the plight of women in society.. how their lives are squeezed out by working them to death.

An elongated head with oversized facial features. The woman's sculpture is beautiful!

Well.. I'm clueless about this one.

Check out Shilpavana at Kannada University near Hampi.

Dec 21, 2014

Prakriti Raga ~ Living Rock Gallery, Shilparamam

During my third visit to Shilparamam I discovered the rock garden named Prakriti Raga. This reminded me of Shilpavana of Kannada University near Hampi in Karnataka. They are not exactly same but similar in nature.Shilpavana is a collection of rocks sculptures by artists, most rocks are in their original locations. Prakriti Raga is a collection of natural rocks which are give a feeling of living creatures. This how a plaque describes this garden of rocks:
This genre of sculpture in collaboration with Nature has been developed by Subrata basu of Prakriti Bhavan, Santiniketan. This gallery is set up by Shilparamam in association with him. The living rocks are the frozen music of nature. These are Nature's gift to the people of Hyderabad. This heritage is to be preserved.

Welcome to the Living Rock Gallery.

Dec 14, 2014

Clouds high above

High altitude cloud formation looks like shifting sands in a desert.


Dec 7, 2014

Nature Park, Shilparamam

Shilparamam of Hyderabad is a multifaceted place for relaxation. The place is truly a wonder, thanks to the people who came up with this idea. Once you get into Shilparama you can spend endless hours window shopping, buy a cartload of stuff, eat, do boating, ride a giant wheel, see paintings, read at a library, ladies can get Henna art, ride a bullock cart, wonder at living rocks at  Prakriti Raga, swing with joy at sand garden, get yourself pencil sketched, see frozen rural sights, take a relaxing walk in Nature Park, or simply laze around. Shilparama is open between 11 and 9-30. Well, the village doesn't sleep early. There's Night Bazar if you want to stretch your evening... you can buy garments, try our Mughlai food, and even buy home made chocolates.

During my fourth trip to Shilparamam, I happened to pass by Nature Park entrance and got pulled in. The park's theme is little confusing to me. However, with all due respect to its creators, the park is indeed unique. Its a display of scrap-metal art. Its amazing to some of the creations.. I'll let the pictures take over.

park entrance. man on one side..
..animals on the other side.
sheet metal cut-outs of various creatures
Inside the park are scrap metal creations depicting mainly animals, few plant and human too

desert cactus
a succulent
this sculpture is titles 'where eagles dare'
stray cow
peacoc | cock fight
a kind of flower
a long curvy fish
Gulliver captured by Lilliputs
sculpture titled Lobster
like a pomfret
lady playing sitar
There are many more interesting sculptures of a chopper, peacocks, cubes.. Also there's one stone sculpture of a zipper. And close to Gulliver are twin rocks connected by a bridge, that's the highest point of Nature Park. The park has lot of place to move around plus places to sit. It's a nice place to relax.