Dec 21, 2014

Prakriti Raga ~ Living Rock Gallery, Shilparamam

During my third visit to Shilparamam I discovered the rock garden named Prakriti Raga. This reminded me of Shilpavana of Kannada University near Hampi in Karnataka. They are not exactly same but similar in nature.Shilpavana is a collection of rocks sculptures by artists, most rocks are in their original locations. Prakriti Raga is a collection of natural rocks which are give a feeling of living creatures. This how a plaque describes this garden of rocks:
This genre of sculpture in collaboration with Nature has been developed by Subrata basu of Prakriti Bhavan, Santiniketan. This gallery is set up by Shilparamam in association with him. The living rocks are the frozen music of nature. These are Nature's gift to the people of Hyderabad. This heritage is to be preserved.

Welcome to the Living Rock Gallery.

As you enter the rock garden, probably the first sculpture to be seen is Banjaras Fire Camp. Its a group of four rocks with the centre piece looking like bonfire.

The next one In Flight, is a triangle-shaped rock positioned on a cuboid creating an effect of a flying rock.

This rock is named as Genes of Life. It does look like a chain of DNA.

The Dog. I imagine this to be a howling dog. We have puppies also here, see inset.

Lamb and Sheep. Indeed these rocks do look like a tender lamp and a plump sheep.

Dancing Peacock. This one needs a bit of effort to perceive it as a dancing peacock. To the middle is the head with a pointed beak and a curving neck. Having got that, the rear is obviously feathers.

Working Mother. This standing rock does create a feeling that its a  seated woman holding her baby in one arm and doing some household chore.

Parrot and King Cobra are two separate sculptures. The bird seems to be resting while the hooded cobra seems ready to attack.

Mother and Child (getting ready for oil bath). This rock seems like a woman sitting cross-legged hugging her baby.

This is titled as Gossip (Two Sisters).

The garden is on a sloping rock. This is a view from half-way up. Here's one rock named Toad (see inset).

This unnamed rock resembles a sitting gorilla, right?

Ganesh and Kiss are two separate rocks close to each other.

An Eagle. I think the darker rock above is the eagle's beak.

This massive rock is titled as Elephant. Indeed it looks like one, the presence of bamboo here has completed the scene. Another huge animal depicted here is the Anaconda (see inset).

Royal Tiger. A resting tiger on a hot day.

This rock is simply named as The Animal. It does look like a howling animal.

These are some of the Nature created sculptures, all are not shown here, there are many more to see. Also the garden has a small collection of man-made sculptures.. can be seen in the following post.

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