Nov 15, 2015

insect colony

This insect to my knowledge is known as "kamlee hula" or "koree hula" in Kannada. However, my brother says these might under metamorphosis and turn into butterflies or moths. This colony was found on drumstick tree stem. There were four more such colonies on the same tree,

They have white spiky hair. If human skins comes in contact with this hairy creature, the spot becomes terribly itchy, the sensation could take several hours to subside. It might give creeps to many people but they have formed a nice pattern.

 These pictures were shot in my Moto G2 around 5 PM, October 2.


Nov 1, 2015

tall man of Hyderabad

The tall man of Hyderabad is a resident of Shilparamam the arts and handicrafts village.