Jul 31, 2016

Rocket, the antique truck of Hyderabad

Hyderabad the heritage city has its collection of antiques in working condition. I remember seeing lot of Bajaj Chetak scooters and Hindustan Motors' Ambassador cars. If you look at the number plates, you'll know they are pretty old, 25+ years. Then comes much older vehicles.. 40+ years old Premier Automobiles Limited (PAL) trucks. These trucks are generally not seen in city limits but you can see quite a few in the outskirts, particularly in quarry areas. Rockets are usually employed to ferry stones, sand and dirt. 

Rockets are really eye-catching with their colourful livery. Check out these two here.. how artistically they are decorated. The artists / truck owners are patriotic too.. check out the side grill on the engine bonnet.. you'll see Indian flag colours.

These pictures were taken on a moderately steep gradient. Though loaded these trucks were neither too noisy nor emitting much smoke. that shows they are well maintained under their lovely exteriors. Next time I go for a walk on these hills near Kokapet, I'll surely snap more of these ancient beauties :) for the sake of their liveries.

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  1. Very nostalgic :) very nice to see such well maintained ROCKET!