Jun 25, 2017

Mister Bright

Mister Bright, our four-legged friend. We have been seeing him since a little pup. He loves the construction site opposite our apartment. He goes around the site as though he's a supervisor :)

He's not scared of heights.. I caught him on the first floor, standing barely inches away from the edge. He looks down on human and vehicular traffic seriously.

 He settles down, takes a deep breath.

He was sitting still for several minutes.. occasionally turning his neck to look at birds, people or vehicles.

He's rarely seen with other dogs. He prefers human company.  In fact a pack of 6 well built dogs living nearby is his enemy. He's very cautious, never takes chance with the pack. So he stays closer to people he trusts or in the safety of an apartment opposite the construction site.

Several months ago, we fed him a pack of biscuits near our apartment gate. We left while he was still munching. By the time we reached our flat in second floor, he too had reached the end of the aisle. I'd to chase him away leat some resident complains about a 'wild beast' prowling around in the building.

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