Oct 26, 2014

icon of Hyderabad - Charminar

To me Gol Gumbaz, Taj Mahal and Charminar are three unique icons for their cities; first two are tombs and the last being a mosque. The word Charminar means four-towers.. as you see it has a very simple name..

Various theories regarding construction of Charminar-

  • Charminar was built to commemorate the eradication of plague as Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah had prayed vowed to build a mosque.
  • According to the XVII century French traveller Jean de Thévenot, Charminar was constructed in 1591 CE to commemorate the beginning of the second Islamic millennium.
  • According to the historian Masud Hussain Khan, Charminar was completed in 1592 CE after the city of Hyderbad was created in 1591 CE.
  • A book named 'Days of the Beloved' Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah constructed Charminar in 1589 CE on the very spot where he first glimpsed his future queen Bhagmati.


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