Nov 16, 2014

Marichitta ~ tree on a boulder

I heard of this tree while searching for baobab tree of Golconda, on a website called The tree has been named Jubilee Hills Fairy Tale Tree and has the following description: This banyan tree, first identified by the Society to Save Rocks in Hyderabad, is cracking open a massive granite boulder in an amazing way. The tree's location has been marked on Google Maps.

One Saturday morning I went in search of this tree. The spot was somewhere near HUDA Colony in Nandagiri Hills, part of Jubilee Hills. A hill, massive boulders and all, has been turned into a residential colony. I drove through every street on the hill but the tree was no where in sight. Inquiries with local people drew blank faces :( I gave up the search.

The following Saturday, I resumed the search, armed with a precise hand written map of the locality. (I had missed that spot narrowly). Having reached the spot, I made inquiries with people. Fortunately these people knew about the tree however the correct spot was 160 meters away. The path to the tree passed through a slum and sadly the space around our 'Fairy Tale Tree' is an open air toilet :( I had to take pictures from a distance with sunlight glaring into the camera lens.

Local people call it as Marichitta. Truly its an amazing tree!

One day I'll make another visit in the evening to take pictures. For time being you can see a good picture by clicking on this link- Marichitta.


  1. Ver different tree. I am not able to make out this tree properly. you said take some other pictures in the evening...
    Anyway enthusiastically you went in search of the tree and finally found it. ...congrts

  2. Thank you, Mala. Click on the link at the end of the post, a well shot picture opens up.

  3. Went through the link. ...It's really amazing. .!
    Does it grows on rock hill. ?

  4. I am sure, people now on wards will get all the details of Hyderabad...

  5. Wonderful !! it has grown surprisingly, cracking the boulder, its really stunning..rare one..